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Will AI Replace Psychologists? Google’s New AI Tool DeepMind Gives Life Advice

Google is experimenting with the application of AI in providing life advice and guidance through generative AI technology. 

Google’s DeepMind AI now offer a life advice.
Creator: NICOLAS MAETERLINCK, Credit: BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Google DeepMind has been developing generative AI to perform a range of tasks, encompassing personal and professional domains. These include offering life advice, generating ideas, providing planning instructions, and offering tutoring tips. 

In its pursuit to stay ahead in the AI race against competitors like Microsoft and OpenAI, Google merged its DeepMind research lab with its Brain AI team earlier this year. The combined groups have been working on innovative tools that could transform generative AI into a personal life coach.

Google DeepMind Capabilities

Scale AI, a contractor working with Google DeepMind, assembled teams of experts to test the AI's capabilities, including its capacity to answer personal and intimate questions. Examples were given to workers to evaluate the AI's responses, such as advising on how to inform a friend about missing their destination wedding due to financial constraints.

The Competition in AI

This initiation also marks a shift in Google's stance, as it was initially cautious about allowing AI systems to handle sensitive and emotionally charged tasks. The company's AI safety experts previously warned against users becoming overly attached to AI chatbots.

The project reflects Google's determination to compete with OpenAI, which had a breakthrough with its ChatGPT technology. Google responded by launching Bard and integrating AI capabilities into its products such as search and Gmail.

Despite the ongoing evaluation, Google's AI safety experts have expressed concerns about potential negative impacts on user well-being and agency if individuals overly rely on AI advice. 


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