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TVVIN Expands to Polkadot, Launches LBMA-Certified Gold Token and Utility Token

A report by asset manager predicted that the RWA market could reach $10 trillion by 2030 while the total market cap of assets in the RWA sector stands at $41.2 billion.

A report by asset manager predicted that the RWA market could reach $10 trillion by 2030 while the total market cap of assets in the RWA sector stands at $41.2 billion.
Credit: Foretoken Media 2024

In a significant move to enhance its omni-chain capabilities, TVVIN, a leading Real-World Assets (RWAs) tokenization platform, has announced its expansion to Polkadot. This strategic expansion aims to integrate TVVIN’s tokens across multiple blockchains, thereby enhancing their availability and interoperability.

Why TVVIN Expands to Polkadot

The decision to expand to Polkadot is part of TVVIN’s broader strategy to maximize the reach and functionality of its RWA tokens. Polkadot’s unique architecture offers several advantages, including enhanced scalability, security, and interoperability.

These features are critical for TVVIN’s platform, which relies on robust and flexible blockchain infrastructure. Darko Mijic, Chief Product Officer at TVVIN, emphasized the benefits of this move:

“This move leverages Polkadot’s strengths to enhance scalability, security, and interoperability for our RWA tokenization platform.”

Launch of Gold and Utility Tokens

As part of the expansion, TVVIN will be launching its London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)-certified gold token (VVG) and its platform utility token (TVVIX) on Polkadot. This launch is expected to attract significant interest from investors and developers alike, thanks to the robust features and capabilities of Polkadot.

Advantages of Polkadot Expansion

By leveraging Polkadot’s ecosystem, TVVIN gains access to numerous advantages, such as:

  • Comprehensive asset management

  • Enhanced stability and security

  • Low transaction fees

  • Polkadot-native USDC and USDT

  • Seamless integration capabilities

  • EVM compatibility

  • Wallet support

  • Multi-signature solutions

  • Trustless bridges

TVVIN plans to utilize Polkadot’s shared system to achieve higher scalability and interoperability, which will broaden the utility and adoption of its tokens on the Polkadot network. With 50 parachains currently operating on Polkadot, TVVIN’s RWA tokens are poised to become attractive assets for many decentralized applications (dApps) and parachains as treasury and DeFi assets.

RWA Tokenization Trends

TVVIN’s expansion underscores the growing trend of RWA tokenization in the digital asset industry. This trend is gaining traction as major crypto firms, global banks, and asset management companies work to digitize traditional financial instruments like bonds, funds, and credit.

Niki Ariyasinghe, an executive at Chainlink, recently noted that major financial institutions are preparing to capitalize on the opportunities presented by tokenization. These institutions are transitioning from successful testnet pilots to launching their platforms on the mainnet, setting the stage for supporting trillions of dollars in tokenized assets.


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