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Supra Expands Oracle Protocol to Include Real World Asset Price Feeds

Supra is enhancing its oracle protocol by adding real world asset price feeds, integrating traditional financial data into blockchain networks for improved decentralized applications.

Supra is enhancing its oracle protocol by adding real world asset price feeds.
Credit: Foretoken Media 2024

Supra, a fully vertically integrated Layer-1 blockchain equipped with Multi-VM support, in-protocol oracles, bridges, and automation, is expanding their oracle protocol’s price feeds catalog to cover real world assets (RWAs) including FX currencies, equities, commodities and more. With the launch of RWA price feeds, Supra continues to play an instrumental role in blockchain’s transformation of financial markets.

Supra Integrates Real World Assets with DORA 2.0

Supra is set to revolutionize blockchain technology by integrating Real World Assets (RWAs) through the highly anticipated Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) version 2.0 release. This integration will provide accurate and reliable real-time price data for traditional assets to over 80 blockchain networks, with a measured full finality of 600-900ms. This advancement aims to pave the way for diverse decentralized applications that enhance ownership, boost liquidity, and increase access to traditional assets.

DORA 2.0, the latest iteration of Supra’s industry-leading oracle, introduces RWA price feeds, enabling new use cases driven by foreign-exchange (FX), commodity, and equities data across both new and established blockchains. The update addresses challenges related to Byzantine faults and data integrity within Web3 environments, making it a critical development for smart contracts and blockchain applications.

Supra’s Moonshot Consensus Mechanism

Supra’s technological advancements are powered by their innovative Moonshot consensus mechanism, which provides high performance and robust security guarantees for its data feeds.

During advanced global testing, Moonshot demonstrated an ability to process 530,000 transactions per second, with 500 milliseconds optimistic finality and approximately 1.5-2 seconds full block finality. This performance places it significantly ahead of most other consensus mechanisms, ensuring fast and secure data transmission.

The Impact of RWAs on Blockchain

RWAs, such as fiat currency, stocks, derivatives, securities, commodities, and bonds, are increasingly recognized for their potential to transform financial markets through blockchain technology. By tokenizing these traditional financial assets, RWA projects bring the benefits of decentralization, security, interoperability, and censorship resistance to these markets.

RWA tokens can be traded without intermediaries, settle almost instantly on public blockchains, and interact with existing DeFi applications like lending protocols. This increased transparency and verifiability enhance the overall efficiency and accessibility of financial transactions.

Furthermore, RWAs enable fractional ownership of assets like real estate or fine art, increasing liquidity in traditionally illiquid markets and making new asset classes accessible to retail investors.

With Supra’s RWA oracle price feeds, decentralized applications on more than 80 blockchain networks will gain access to real-time RWA prices. This capability enables innovative use cases, such as synthetic assets, derivatives, and next-generation financial instruments that track traditional market performance.


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