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Stability AI CEO Warns of Potential Bubble, Predicts AI Will Replace Indian Coders Within 2 Years

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque described AI models as “really talented grads” and are likely to massively impact jobs done in front of a computer-like coding. However, despite his bold claims, Mostaque also foresees that AI will be the “biggest bubble of all time.”

Stability AI CEO says AI will replace coding jobs.
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As AI continues to advance, Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque predicts that Indian coders face potential job displacement within the next two years. Mostaque voiced his belief in AI to the UBS representatives, as reported by CNBC. While the effect of AI is undeniable, Mostaque noted that its effects are likely to change based on the jobs and their locations. 

He stated:

“If you’re doing a job in front of a computer, and no one ever sees you, then it’s massively impactful because these models are like really talented grads.”

Mostaque continued to say that AI is most likely to replace coders up to level three programmers in India, and they will be “gone in a year or two.” In France, however, Mostaque continued, “You’ll never fire a developer.” According to a Bloomberg article from April, India currently hosts over 5 million coders that will face the impacts of AI.

AI co-pilots

With that being said, Mostaque still left some room for human coders to exist in the future. According to him, the AI won’t take over automatically, but they will be “AI co-pilots” that will assist in classical coding. This indicates that there will be fewer people needed for classical coding, he said, “but then they are needed for other things.”

GitHub’s CEO, Thomas Dohnke, also believes that AI won’t replace all coders. Dohnke spoke to last year, where he stated that AI proposed a new way of learning for everyone, including the coders. He believes that AI will be incorporated into the coding processes and will assist human coders to enhance productivity. 

$1 Trillion AI Bubble

While his predictions about the Indian coders highlight the disruptive potential of AI, Mostaque also warns of the technology becoming a massive bubble. 

I call it the ‘dot AI’ bubble, and it hasn’t even started yet,” Mostaque said, and added that the total amount of investment needed in AI is around $1 trillion. He argued that AI is far more important than 5G as a knowledge infrastructure, and even if it is not quite ready, everyone can see its value. Mostaque also added that businesses that don’t use AI properly will be “punished” by the stock market in the future.

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