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Spain Launches First AI Supervision Agency

The Supervision of Artificial Intelligence Agency (AESIA) will be in charge of developing an inclusive, sustainable, and citizen-centered AI.

Spain has launched its first AI supervision agency.
Creator: Manuel Augusto Moreno Credit: Getty Images

MADRID, ES – In a significant step towards shaping the future of artificial intelligence (AI) within its borders, Spain has established the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence (AESIA). The country announced the new agency through a royal decree and placed itself as the first European nation to create a specialized AI regulatory body.

The AESIA aims to foster "inclusive, sustainable, and citizen-centered" AI. The organization is launched in line with Spain's National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence (ENIA) and Digital Agenda 2026.

Spain and AI

The EU has been planning to implement AI regulations, while Spain has been investigating AI-related risks only. However, the county’s recent approach through AESIA proves that it acknowledges AI's significance and the need for a structured regulatory framework.

This strategic move is part of Spain's broader Recovery, Transformation, and Resiliency Plan initiated in June 2021, positioning the nation as an AI pioneer. The AESIA's establishment emphasizes Spain's commitment to harnessing AI's potential while ensuring ethical considerations and citizen welfare. This agency signifies a strategic alignment with broader European efforts to address the challenges and opportunities AI presents.

Emerging Technologies

With the European Union (EU) concurrently working on a unified standard for AI regulation, Spain's move sets an influential precedent. The EU's recent approval of the draft Artificial Intelligence Act further underscores the urgency of such regulatory measures.

While Spain's focus on AI regulation captures attention, the nation's engagement with emerging technologies extends beyond this realm. Recent endeavors include the entry of a renowned tokenization firm and the approval for crypto operations, exemplified by's green light in June. These steps demonstrate Spain's multifaceted approach to innovation and technology-driven progress.


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