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Space And Time Integrates GPT-4 Chatbot for Database Querying

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Space and Time has integrated GPT-4
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LOS ANGELES, CA – Decentralized data startup Space and Time has introduced a groundbreaking integration of OpenAI's GPT-4, the latest iteration of ChatGPT. This integration empowers developers to effortlessly maintain and query databases, bringing a new level of convenience and efficiency to data management. By combining the power of a GPT-4 Chatbot with Space and Time's decentralized data warehouse, the startup is revolutionizing the way data is analyzed, utilized, and secured.

Decentralized Data Warehousing with Space and Time

Space and Time has developed a cutting-edge decentralized data warehouse that incorporates both on-chain and off-chain information. This unique architecture allows for the analysis and utilization of data points by smart contracts. The foundation of this data warehouse lies in zero-knowledge proofs (ZKs), a cryptographic technique that validates the accuracy of statements while selectively revealing only necessary information.

Through the application of ZK proofs on data queries typically performed using Structured Query Language (SQL), Space and Time has introduced their proof-of-SQL technology. This breakthrough innovation enables the generation of SNARK cryptographic proofs of SQL query execution, ensuring both the accuracy of the computation and the tamperproof nature of the data.

Why Proof-of-SQL Matters in Web 3 Environments

Within Web 3 environments, where trust relies on decentralized networks rather than centralized entities, ensuring the accuracy of data and queries is crucial. Space and Time's proof-of-SQL technology addresses this challenge by providing verifiable evidence of query accuracy and data integrity. By leveraging ZK proofs, Space and Time offers a robust solution for guaranteeing the reliability of data in decentralized settings.

Houston the GPT-4 Chatbot

As part of their mission to simplify database maintenance and querying, Space and Time has integrated a GPT-4 chatbot named Houston, powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT. Houston revolutionizes the user experience by enabling natural language prompts for interacting with databases, eliminating the need for manual coding. Developers can now generate SQL or Python scripts, ask questions about data using conversational language, and receive accurate visualizations of the answers, all through intuitive conversations with Houston.

CTO and co-founder of Space and Time, Scott Dykstra, explains the value of Houston: "Space and Time users can generate SQL or Python scripts from prompts, ask natural-language questions about data, get back accurate visualizations of the answers, and load in new datasets, all by simply conversing with our chatbot."

Empowering Developers and Enabling Transparency

Houston not only simplifies database management but also promotes transparency. The chatbot presents the SQL code generated from natural language prompts, allowing developers to review and analyze the underlying processes. Furthermore, Houston creates visual representations of queries and their results, offering a user-friendly and intuitive way to interact with data.


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