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New Robust Monitoring from C2MON Increases IoT Security

C2MON's open-source nature, coupled with the adoption of modern deployment practices, makes it a valuable tool for various industrial and research applications.

As more IoT connect together, CERN's agile features increase GPN security.
Credit: Foretoken Media 2023

C2MON is an advanced monitoring platform developed by CERN, made open-source under the LGPL3 license since 2016. It plays a crucial role in supervising CERN's technical and safety infrastructure, handling millions of messages daily and managing a vast number of alarms.

Built on Java Messaging Services (JMS) and leveraging caching and clustering technologies, C2MON ensures transactional fail-safe data distribution. It is designed specifically for IoT monitoring of industrial control systems and utilizes the Publisher-Subscriber pattern for a scalable and robust IoT infrastructure.

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