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Microsoft Could Introduce Crypto Wallets to Xbox

Leaked documents from Microsoft revealed that the tech giant is preparing to bring crypto wallets into Xbox.

Microsoft may bring crypto to Xbox.
Credit: Shutterstock

SEATTLE, WA – Leaked documents from Microsoft, the company behind Xbox, suggest that the tech giant is thinking about bringing cryptocurrency wallets to Xbox gaming consoles.

These secret documents, considered the biggest leak in Xbox history, give a sneak peek into Microsoft's plans. In May 2022, the company had a plan to add crypto wallet support to Xbox, but, the documents didn't spill all the beans; they kept the details hidden.

The Xbox Crypto Leak

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, pointed the finger at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the leak. The FTC was not happy about Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard for $69 million, so they accidentally exposed these secret papers.

Although the leaked documents had some exciting new traits, like a new disc-less Xbox and a special controller, Spencer reminded the community that the plans change over time. He said, "Our plans have evolved," but didn't give away too much.

Nothing Is Certain

As exciting as the leak may be, Microsoft hasn't officially said, "Yes, we're bringing crypto wallets to Xbox." It's still just a possibility. But the crypto community can't help but dream about what this could mean for coins like Bitcoin.

One thing the community knows for sure is that when big tech companies like Microsoft start eyeing crypto, it's a sign that this digital money stuff is getting serious.

Microsoft isn't new to the crypto game. Just a while ago, they teamed up with Aptos Labs to work on a blockchain project called Aptos.


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