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Kenya Stays Away from Worldcoin while Argentinians Embrace It

Kenyan government warned against the security challenges of Worldcoin, while one Argentinian gets verified by Worldcoin every nine seconds.

Kenya has rejected Worldcoin while Argentina has embraced it.
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NAIROBI – Blockchain-based digital ID project Worldcoin remains to be a highly controversial topic. While some countries embrace it as it is, some prefer to steer clear. Recent information revealed that Argentina and Kenya stand out as the two countries with completely opposite attitudes towards Worldcoin.

Kenya Argues Worldcoin is Illegal

Kenya's National Computer Cybercrimes Coordination Committee (NC4) said that Worldcoin's actions threaten Kenya's national and economic security. Colonel James Kimuyu, who is in charge of NC4, told a government committee about the risks of the project that Sam Altman is backing. Kimuyu was worried about Worldcoin's plan to collect personal data, pointing out that it could affect national security. He also said that the project's use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies could put foreign exchange systems and money transfer services in competition because of how quickly and cheaply transactions are processed.

The director talked about how worried he was about the possibility of tax dodging through Worldcoin transactions and how hard it is to track and tax them because they are not organized. He also talked about how these trades could change how the central bank controls the country's money supply.

Argentina Records Rapid Adoption

Worldcoin said that on an unspecified day this month, they confirmed the identity of one Argentinian every nine seconds.

The project said that 9,500 Argentinians could verify their World ID on its web page, which shows how popular it is in the South American country. Also, because so many people wanted to use it, its World App briefly topped the charts in Argentina's App Store.

Alex Blania, co-founder of Worldcoin and CEO of Tools for Humanity, said that Argentina is one of the most crypto-forward countries in the world. Blania said that Argentinians "were much more sensitive to and understood the basic ideas of cryptography.”


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