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iRA Blocks Revolutionizes Real-World Asset Investment with Blockchain

iRA Blocks is leveraging blockchain technology to democratize access to high-value real-world assets, enabling everyday investors to participate in markets traditionally reserved for the elite.

iRA Blocks is leveraging blockchain technology to democratize access to high-value real-world assets.
Credit: Foretoken Media 2024

SINGAPORE, Singapore, June 25, 2024 – Blockchain platform iRA Blocks is bringing fractional ownership of high-value assets, typically reserved for tycoons, to a wider audience. The service is another step toward the ongoing tokenization of real-world assets (RWA), a market that is currently valued at approximately $8 billion.

Bringing Liquidity to Traditionally Illiquid Markets

By breaking down high-value assets into smaller, more affordable units, iRA Blocks allows a broader range of investors to participate. For instance, investors can own a fraction of a luxury yacht or prime real estate starting with investments as low as $100.

One of iRA Blocks' standout features is its ability to bring liquidity to traditionally illiquid markets. The cumbersome processes involved in buying and selling real estate, for example, have always posed challenges.

With iRA Blocks’ tokenization, transactions become simpler and faster, providing investors with more flexibility in managing their portfolios. The platform uses smart contracts to automate many aspects of asset management, including dividend distributions and voting rights, ensuring that fractional owners have a say in asset management proportional to their ownership stake.

Integrating Blockchain with Tangible Assets

For Web3 users, iRA Blocks offers a seamless integration of blockchain with tangible asset investment. This bridge between digital and physical assets provides a secure and efficient way to diversify portfolios. The IRB Token, the platform’s native utility token, facilitates smooth transactions and offers staking mechanisms, rewarding active participants and fostering a vibrant community.

The platform also features a secondary market where tokenized assets can be traded, providing liquidity for traditionally illiquid assets. This allows investors to easily enter or exit investments based on their financial goals and market conditions.


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