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Intel is Set to Release 'Meteor Lake' PC with Built-in AI

The new chip will be released in December and will run an AI chatbot on a laptop without an internet connection.

Intel's Meteor Lake PC will run advanced AI applications.

SANTA CLARA, CA – Tech giant Intel recently announced its upcoming "Meteor Lake" laptop chip, which will empower laptops to run advanced artificial intelligence applications without relying on cloud computing.

The new chip is set to launch in December if all goes as planned. Intel showcased its new chip during a software developer conference in Silicon Valley. Laptops equipped with the "Meteor Lake" chip demonstrated their ability to generate music in the style of Taylor Swift and engage in conversational interactions, all without needing an internet connection.

Meteor Lake Chip

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger shared the exciting news that Microsoft's "Copilot" AI assistant will soon be compatible with Intel-based PCs. Gelsinger said:

"We see the AI PC as a sea change moment in tech innovation.”

Intel's commitment to pushing technological boundaries doesn't stop here; the company has also announced the development of a successor chip named "Arrow Lake" for the next year. Intel is striving to regain its leadership in chip manufacturing, vying with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to deliver cutting-edge technology.

AI Chip Market

While Intel has faced challenges in the data center chip market, particularly in competition with Nvidia, the AI PC concept presents a unique opportunity. Through OpenVINO, a new software version, Intel enables developers to run large language models similar to ChatGPT on laptops. This promises faster response times from AI applications and ensures data remains within the device, addressing privacy concerns.

For businesses wary of entrusting sensitive data to third-party AI providers, Intel's approach provides a compelling solution. Analyst Dan Hutcheson of TechInsights recognizes the potential for a broader market for Intel's chips, making AI more accessible to a wider audience. Intel's vision for the AI PC has the potential to democratize AI technology, making it accessible to everyone and transforming the way we interact with AI on our laptops.


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