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Insilico Medicine Breaks New Ground with AI-Designed Drug

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Insilico Medicine Suzhou Lab
Insilico Medicine founder & CEO Alex Zhavorokov and co-chief Feng Ren. Image courtesy Insilico.

SUZHOU, CN – Insilico Medicine, a biotech company supported by the Fosun Group and Warburg Pincus, has commenced an exciting new chapter in the field of medicine with the initiation of mid-stage human trials for a drug developed entirely through artificial intelligence (AI). Led by Latvian-born scientist Alex Zhavoronkov, Insilico Medicine recently administered a patient in China with a groundbreaking therapy for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a chronic lung disease.

The drug, named INS018_055, marks a significant milestone in the industry as the first AI-discovered and AI-designed drug to enter phase 2 clinical trials. Zhavoronkov expressed both confidence and anticipation, stating, "For Insilico, it is the moment of truth...but it is also a true test for AI, and the entire industry should be watching." He further claimed that Insilico's groundbreaking technology had the potential to double the productivity of major pharmaceutical companies.

Insilico Medicine is part of a new wave of biotech firms that have collectively raised billions of dollars to revolutionize drug development through AI tools. A report by Morgan Stanley estimates a $50 billion market opportunity for AI in the pharmaceutical sector, which has sparked a race among prominent pharmaceutical companies and investors to capitalize on this potential.

Collaborative partnerships have already been established between Insilico Medicine and leading firms such as Sanofi, Fosun, and Johnson & Johnson, granting access to Insilico's cutting-edge technology.

The power of AI platforms lies in their ability to rapidly analyze vast amounts of data, enabling the identification of specific disease-associated proteins within the body, as well as potential molecules that can be transformed into effective medicines. Zhavoronkov emphasized that Insilico's AI platforms have the potential to streamline the drug discovery process, potentially halving the time required and significantly reducing the average cost of bringing therapies to market, which is estimated by Deloitte at $2.3 billion per therapy.

With Insilico Medicine leading the way, the integration of AI in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to accelerate, transforming the landscape of drug development. As the world watches this groundbreaking trial unfold, the potential for AI to revolutionize the field and provide more efficient, cost-effective treatments becomes increasingly evident.


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