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European Blockchain Sandbox Announces Second Cohort of Tokenization Use Cases

The European Blockchain Sandbox has announced its second cohort of diverse tokenization use cases from across the EU, highlighting the ongoing innovation in blockchain applications.

The European Blockchain Sandbox has announced its second cohort of diverse blockchain use cases from across the EU/EEA, highlighting the ongoing innovation in blockchain applications.
Credit: Foretoken Media 2024

PARIS, FR – The European Blockchain Sandbox has officially unveiled the selected projects for its second cohort, following an intense and competitive application period that attracted nearly 60 proposals across the EU/EEA. The announcement marks another significant milestone in the region's ongoing embrace of blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize various industry sectors.

Real Estate Tokenization Across Europe

The second cohort highlights the breadth and depth of blockchain innovation within the EU/EEA, showcasing 20 tokenization use cases spanning numerous sectors and regulatory areas across the bloc.

Among the approved cases is a notable project by the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, specifically earmarked for public entities. Additionally, private sector projects such as Brickken PFP, S.L., Circularise B.V., and DigiShares A/S highlight the private sector's commitment to leveraging blockchain for enhanced operational efficiencies and transparency.

Selected Use Cases in the Second Cohort

The diversity of the selected projects is evident in their broad geographic and sectoral coverage. From financial services to supply chain management, the selected use cases include:

  • Brickken PFP, S.L. and Circularise B.V.: Focusing on tokenization and circular economies.

  • DigiShares A/S and Doxychain: Innovating in digital asset management and document authentication.

  • EastNets Europe S.A. and HACKEN OÜ: Enhancing cybersecurity and compliance frameworks.

  • Infineon Technologies AG and consortia including IOTA Stiftung: Developing solutions in IoT and identity management.

  • NYALA Digital Asset AG and OriginTrail: Pioneering in digital asset tracking and supply chain transparency.

These projects represent a snapshot of the innovative spirit that characterizes the blockchain ecosystem within the EU/EEA. The European Blockchain Sandbox expresses its gratitude to all the applicants and congratulates those selected for the second cohort.

The continued interest and high standard of submissions reflect the vibrant potential of blockchain technology across Europe. The sandbox will provide a vital platform for testing, refining, and demonstrating the practical benefits of blockchain applications in real-world scenarios.


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