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The recognition comes amidst the Netherlands' past stringent approach to other crypto exchanges, emphasizing the exchange's dedication to operating within the framework of established regulations. has secured regulatory approval in the Netherlands.
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AMSTERDAM –, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has achieved a major milestone in its journey toward compliance and legitimacy in the global financial landscape. The company has been officially registered as a crypto service provider by the Dutch central bank (DNB). This recognition marks a significant step for, especially considering the Netherlands' previously tough stance on other crypto giants like Binance and Coinbase.

With this new regulatory approval, is poised to strengthen its position as a compliant player in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market.

The Netherlands and Its Regulatory Approach

The Netherlands has garnered a reputation for taking a strict stance against cryptocurrency exchanges that do not comply with its regulations. Both Binance and Coinbase have faced substantial fines from the Dutch central bank in the past due to their alleged non-compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and sanctions norms while serving Dutch customers without proper registration.

However, has managed to turn the tables in its favor and secure recognition from the DNB, alongside other jurisdictions like the United Kingdom, Dubai, and France. The recognition comes under its formal name, Foris DAX Global Ltd, highlighting the exchange's commitment to transparent and compliant operations.

Kris Marszalek, the CEO of, expressed his enthusiasm about the registration approval from the Dutch central bank, stating that it is a significant milestone for the business. He emphasized's unwavering commitment to compliance and its willingness to work with regulators worldwide, including the DNB.

EU Regulations and Expanding Market Reach

The recent regulatory recognition by the DNB sets on a promising path toward European expansion. As the European Union prepares to implement new laws in 2024, exchanges and wallet providers licensed in one EU country, like the Netherlands, will have the opportunity to operate across the entire 27-nation bloc. This development opens up exciting possibilities for, allowing it to tap into a broader market and reach a larger audience of potential investors and traders.

The EU's licensing process is more rigorous than simple registration, involving thorough governance and financial health assessments., having already obtained registration from the DNB, positions the exchange favorably for further licensing under the upcoming EU regulations.

Future Prospects for

With its newly acquired recognition from the DNB and the potential for wider market access within the EU, is well-positioned to expand its services and attract more users. As a compliant crypto service provider, the exchange can build trust among investors and traders who prioritize safety and regulatory adherence.

Moreover, this recognition by the DNB is a testament to the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in mainstream financial systems. As more countries and regulatory bodies acknowledge the potential benefits of these emerging technologies, it is likely that other cryptocurrency companies will also strive to meet compliance standards and gain regulatory recognition.


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