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Bitcoin Short Squeeze Pushes Price Above $26K

Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a substantial price jump to nearly $26,000 during Asian trading hours on Tuesday. This marked a reversal from Monday's decline, which had seen the cryptocurrency drop to three-month lows, falling below the $25,000 threshold. At press time, bitcoin is priced at $26,195.

Bitcoin pushes past $26,000 on short squeeze.
Source/Credit: CoinGecko

The remarkable surge in Bitcoin's price was driven by what experts are describing as a "short squeeze," a powerful rally fueled by the unwinding of bearish derivative bets. Traders who had previously bet against the cryptocurrency found themselves rushing to close their positions, leading to a rapid increase in buying pressure.

Bitcoin Short Squeeze

As Bitcoin's prices soared, the cumulative open interest in futures and perpetual swaps trading on major platforms like Binance, Bybit, OKX, and Deribit experienced a noticeable decline. The total open interest dropped from $5.05 billion to $4.8 billion. Open interest represents the dollar value locked in active or open positions in the market.

This drop in open interest appears to be bearish traders abandoning their pessimistic bets, coinciding with a shift in funding rates to positive territory. Funding rates are the costs associated with holding bullish or bearish positions in perpetual swaps, which are futures contracts with no set expiration date. Negative rates typically indicate a market skewed towards bearish positions, while positive rates suggest the opposite.

Bitcoin ETF Optimism Waning

Describing the situation, pseudonymous trader and analyst @52kskew stated:

"[It's] a textbook short squeeze."

This sudden shift in market sentiment highlights the volatility and unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market. Despite this impressive price recovery from the crucial support level at $25,000, there remains a sense of caution among investors.

Immediate bullish catalysts are in short supply, with optimism around a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) diminishing. Market observers have now turned their attention to the impending liquidation of altcoin holdings from the troubled crypto exchange FTX, which has caused fears of potential selling pressure.

Furthermore, a bearish bias persists as long as Bitcoin's prices remain below the 50-day simple moving average. The cryptocurrency market continues to be influenced by a complex interplay of factors, making it essential for traders to remain vigilant and adaptive in their strategies.


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