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Bitcoin Price Volatility Amidst Mt. Gox Fund Movements

Bitcoin experienced notable volatility recently as funds linked to the defunct Mt Gox exchange were moved, triggering market reactions.

The recent movements of funds linked to Mt. Gox have caused significant Bitcoin price volatility.
Credit: Foretoken Media 2024

During the Memorial Day holiday in the United States, Bitcoin surged to $70,600, despite the lack of institutional involvement such as spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) demand. However, this rally was short-lived, and the market quickly retraced its gains. Popular trader Credible Crypto noted, “There is a full retrace of that recent pump as expected. Let’s see what kind of reaction we get here at the lows.”

Impact of Mt. Gox Fund Movements

The recent BTC volatility is largely attributed to the movement of $7 billion worth of bitcoin from wallets associated with Mt Gox. This has caused significant fluctuations in the market, as highlighted by CoinGlass data, which showed liquidity concentrations around the spot price, particularly near $67,000.

Daan Crypto Trades commented on X about the positive market structure impact, noting, “All positions entered during yesterday's move were flushed out and the funding rate is back to neutral.” This was supported by a chart of open interest data, showing a stabilization in the market.

Market Structure and Resistance Levels

Despite the recent volatility, bullish sentiment remains. BTC price performance continues to depend on overcoming key resistance levels and flipping them to support. The greatest challenge for Bitcoin is to surpass the 2021 all-time highs of $69,000 and the subsequent peak of $73,800 earlier this year.

Popular trader Jelle pointed out that Bitcoin has been in a consolidatory structure on monthly timeframes, despite the lack of upward momentum since March.

“Bitcoin has spent the past 6.5 years inside this rising channel, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon. If history is any indication, it's time for another trip towards the highs of the channel. 6-figure Bitcoin is coming.”


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