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Astrocast Expands Partnership with Airbus Defence and Space to Boost Global Satellite IoT Services

The collaboration aims to enhance bandwidth and quality of service for reliable and cost-effective SatIoT solutions.

Airbus and Astrocast extended their partnership for Satellite IoT Services.
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LAUSANNE, CH – Astrocast, the leading global nanosatellite Internet of Things (SatIoT) network provider, has announced the expansion of its partnership with aerospace giant Airbus Defence and Space. The move is expected to bolster Astrocast's position as a highly reliable and cost-effective satellite IoT services provider, catering to a wide range of industries worldwide.

Over the years, the collaboration between Astrocast and Airbus has been crucial to Astrocast's development, facilitating the effective development of its communication protocol and modem software stack since 2017. As a core component of Astrocast's SatIoT technology, this successful partnership has laid the foundation for further advancements and mutual growth.

Satellite IoT Services

Astrocast's SatIoT connectivity services were commercially launched in 2022 and have found extensive usage in prominent initiatives such as the European Union’s CiRocco and XGain projects, as well as with organizations like Avirtech, Digitanimal, and ArrowSpot.

Under the extended partnership, Airbus will continue to provide extensive support to Astrocast, focusing on enhancing both bandwidth and the quality of service. This collaboration aims to strengthen Astrocast's network capacity, ensuring the most reliable and cost-effective SatIoT services are offered to customers globally.

SatIoT Technology

One of the primary goals of this partnership is to capitalize on their shared technological achievements and strategic collaboration. This, in turn, will bring substantial benefits to Astrocast's customers and further drive advancements in the SatIoT sector.

The enhanced SatIoT bandwidth and quality of service will result in continuous improvements in data transmission capacity, efficiency, latency, and security. As a result, customers across various industries will have the opportunity to optimize their operational efficiency to meet their specific needs effectively.

François Gaullier, senior vice-president of telecommunications and navigation systems for space systems at Airbus Defence and Space, expressed Airbus's commitment to Astrocast's technology roadmap and their leadership in the SatIoT space. He also highlighted the potential for convergence with future 5G NTN IoT communications standards currently being discussed for LEO constellations.

Airbus Defence and Space Collaboration

Gaullier stated, "In time, these enhanced capabilities for collecting and exchanging critical data with IoT assets from multiple applications will benefit users across various key industries worldwide. Astrocast is not only poised to address these challenges, its roadmap is designed to take them head-on for the industry. Therefore, we’re excited about working together and achieving more success."

Astrocast's CEO, Fabien Jordan, expressed enthusiasm for deepening their partnership with Airbus, leveraging their unique expertise in advanced satellite IoT technology. He emphasized that this collaboration reinforces Astrocast's commitment to providing the most reliable and efficient SatIoT connectivity solutions on the market. "With Airbus’s support, we will further solidify Astrocast’s position as the go-to satellite IoT operator," said Jordan.

The expanded partnership between Astrocast and Airbus Defence and Space sets the stage for groundbreaking developments in the satellite IoT industry. As these two pioneering companies join forces, customers can look forward to even more reliable and cutting-edge SatIoT services, empowering businesses worldwide to thrive in an increasingly connected and data-driven future.


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