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AI will Revolutionize Animated Film Production to Cut the Costs by 90%

Jeffrey Katzenberg predicts that AI will revolutionize animated film production, reducing costs by 90%, while industry leaders highlight the broader impact of machine learning.

AI could cut animated film costs by 90%.
Credit: SuPatMaN/Shutterstock 2023

AI is set to revolutionize the animated film industry, cutting costs by a staggering 90%, predicts industry veteran Jeffrey Katzenberg. In a recent panel discussion at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum, Katzenberg highlighted the transformative impact AI will have on media, entertainment, and creation.

In the past, crafting a world-class animated movie required a substantial workforce of 500 artists and several years of dedication. Katzenberg foresees a seismic shift, stating:

“I don’t think it will take 10% of that three years from now.” This substantial reduction in production time and personnel is expected to reshape the landscape of animated filmmaking.

The adoption of AI is poised to accelerate the digital transformation of the entertainment industry, according to Katzenberg. As a co-founder of DreamWorks and a former Disney production executive, his insights carry weight in the industry.

Efficiency Gains and Cautionary Notes

Sara Menker, CEO of GRO Intelligence, emphasized the widespread impact of machine learning beyond entertainment. She highlighted its role in predicting global agricultural commodity trends, enhancing risk assessment, and extracting valuable insights from vast datasets. However, Menker also raised concerns about the proliferation of AI models, numbering 2.9 million within her sector alone.

Kai-Fu Lee, a seasoned AI developer, warned of potential pitfalls, referencing the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Despite caution, he advocated for measured regulation to prevent stifling innovation. The need for a balance between innovation and regulation was echoed by global PwC chair Bob Moritz, who emphasized the importance of simultaneous re-engineering of labor to avoid exacerbating social problems.

As AI emerges as a transformative force, industry leaders recognize the need for responsible development and deployment to ensure a seamless transition into a future where technology enhances creativity and efficiency without compromising ethical considerations.


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